The Villainous Pirate Victor

Victor originally took up life as a simple fisherman.  After many long months out at sea he eventually mastered his skill and made a small fortune in fishing up sunken treasures.  Between fishing expeditions Victor took up alchemy and poisoning, both of which he also mastered over time.  Eventually Victor tired of fishing, and decided to drop his skills with the boat and bandages (in addition to tactics and anatomy - all of which he took up in order to protect himself from sea serpents and the like).  Either way, Victor had begun to have a bad habit of killing people and committing random acts of piracy on the high seas - even more reason to give up fishing.  After contemplating what to do with his life, Victor at last decided that he should practice the art of magery and all its related skills.  He began spending numerous hours out on a boat practicing magery, evaluating intelligence, and meditation skills on the serene ocean waters.  However, the random acts of piracy continued, and here you will find the annals of these encounters.