Victor - Following

Victor was out sailing around on a boat trying to build up his meditation skill when he noticed another boat pass near.  The occupant of the other boat was obviously making an attempt to circumvent Victor.  Disliking such an unsocial attitude out in the middle of the ocean, Victor decided to follow the guy....

Personally, I thought it was rather obvious.

Well, the guy just got downright rude after that!

So the guy recalls away, just like that.  Well, Victor's not all that dumb, having recently been practicing magery skills thus increasing his intelligence.  Victor decides to hide and wait.  The wait pays off, for eventually 'ol Mr. "Cry for Dawn" shows back up.  He laughs as he sets his boat in motion once again.  He didn't laugh when Victor popped back out of hiding and continued to follow him.  Eventually Victor tired of this and just couldn't resist any longer.

Cry for Dawn had apparently been prepared to stay out on his boat a long while, for there were about a thousand of each flamestrike reagent on his corpse.  Unfortunately he had actually had the wit to not keep his boat key on him.  Victor then said farewell and continued on with his practice.