Victor - Occupied

Victor was out practicing meditation on his boat when another boat sailed by. Victor could not help but to notice that the other boat's plank was down!  Victor then sped up and moved his boat into the path of the other boat and came to a full stop.  The other boat stopped as well, but the passengers seemed not to notice.  Onboard was someone named Coriorhor who was apparently attempting to use bandages on a ghost by the name of Joe Hahn.  Victor jumped onto their open plank and approached them.  Quickly checking the contents of Coriorhor's pack he noticed the boat key!  Well, this was just too much, and Victor began casting a hail of spells that quickly killed Coriorhor, despite his sudden awakening and attempt to flee.

Victor quickly looted the entire contents of Coriorhor's pack, dumping unwanted items (such as Coriorhor's hideous outfit) overboard.

Victor then closed and locked the plank and set up behind the mast.  Coriorhor's ghost moaned away furiously for a bit, then left.

The ghost Joe Hahn remained for some while, whilst Victor sailed on, continuing his magery practice.  Joe's Ghost eventually left, after which Victor brought the boat to the nearest landmass and dry docked the large ship.