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Attack on Trinsic

Several towns attacked by monsters!
Apparently recently a few towns have been under attack by monsters, here are a few of the many submissions we've gotten about it.

This one came in from Ryan Swiftblade

I arrived at Trinsic today while on my way home when I heard the sounds of battle within the town walls. Not the usual small skirmishes mind you; this was most certainly something much more. I rushed through the gates and had to wonder for a moment if I was where I thought I was or perhaps I was dreaming? The town was occupied by undead! Skeletons, bone knights, zombies, bone magi - all running through the streets slaughtering all in their path! I quickly armed myself as I was besieged by these foul walking corpses. Then, spotting some fallen townsfolk, I rushed to their aid. Setting aside my weapons, I pulled out my bandages and medicines and used my knowledge as a healer to resuscitate the hapless victims. Once they were revitalized I helped them to safety, then turned back to the task of the undead minions about. Suddenly I remembered a magic spear that had been given me by a traveler whom I'd aided. They told me the spear had special properties against undead. This was well apparent by the gleaming silver tip that seamed to actually glow when in the presence of the undead. I dug the spear out and felt the solid weight of the enchanted weapon. I charged into the masses of undead now surrounding the Trinsic South Bank. They fell quickly in blinding flashes of white light as my spear struck them, shattering their skulls and reducing their bodies to piles of ashes. Other warriors came and joined the fight and soon the undead numbers were waning. I rode through town heading towards the south gate, killing off undead as I went. Soon I arrived at the gate and felt a chill run down my spine as I saw the hordes of undead amassing there, pouring into the city. I quickly sent word to a friend of mine, The Glorious Lady Mordanna, to come to my aid and to bring reinforcements - I was certain I was going to need them. I spurred my horse on and charged the undead army. They quickly fell before me, but their toll was being felt upon my own flesh. I was being overrun by their sheer number, completely surrounded, and was not going to survive, my bandages all but useless as I attempted to heal my wounds whilst I fought. Suddenly there was a roar and from behind me and I shuddered as a dragon came, followed by another, and yet another. Immediately the dragons lay waste to the undead, opening a path behind me, and then I heard a familiar voice - that of the Lady Mordanna. She had come at last and had brought her own army. Another warrior came to my side and joined me as Lady Mordanna regrouped her dragons. The tide had changed and we knew then that Trinsic would not fall.

Aravis joined me at the bridge that led through the south gates. We stood side by side, cutting down the undead as fast as they could attempt to cross. The sound of steel piercing bone rang through my head, but it is a sound I've grown to enjoy. With the south gate now under control, Lady Mordanna headed to the docks on the east side of town with her dragons where she heard there was more trouble. I received word of another group of warriors heading off the undead minions at the northern gates. Aravis and I stood our ground until the onslaught had stopped. We tarried only long enough to heal our wounds, and then set out around the perimeter to destroy any remaining undead left standing outside the town walls. The stragglers were but a petty chore to send back to the grave and we soon met back up inside town. Lady Mordanna had returned with her dragons, and people began filling the streets once again. Trinsic was safe. But a question remained on everyone's minds: "Who sent them?" Ah, I am but a simple warrior and so the answer to this question I leave for others to solve. In the meantime, I offer my blade at the service of any town that may need me.

Ryan Swiftblade

The other one I'll put up here was sent into us by Rhys Dachao
At 4:46 PST this afternoon, the cities of Vesper, Trinsic, Cove, and Yew were attacked by various monsters. Coincidentally, those were the cities in which magic was enabled. The monsters that attacked each town specifically were mongbats in Yew, trolls in Vesper, headless in Cove, and undead in Trinsic. What it all means I can't say, but if the attacks continue, this could prove very interesting. I was present for the attack on Yew, and a count was made of 60 mongbat corpses before the end of the fight -- my estimate would range as high as 100 mongbats total. A picture is included of the battle.

Thank you,
Rhys Dachchaoin

Thankyou to everyone who sent us some news about these odd attacks, if you know anything else, please feel free to submit it.
Posted on Sunday, January 9, 2000, 2:12 AM EST by Aiglos (Pacific)

Chaos in Britannia, Part II: Attack on Trinsic
Pigeons have been pouring into Stratics about the undead attack on Trinsic. Thanks goes to everyone for their contributions. The first report to arrive came from Ryan Swiftblade, who provides a link to some outstanding screenshots.
'Tis late and I am weary from a long day of battles - gazers and headlesses in Cove, lead by the Gazer Fiend; undead in Trinsic, including liche lords; gazers, lizardmen, and ratmen along the roads between Trinsic and Britain; thieves, murderers and cutthroats along the roads east of Britain....oh, wait, those are always there. Anyway, I would just like to share some images captured today in Cove. Due to their size I've posted them to their own directory at:
Zandra Nightwind sent us even more sketches of the attack on Trinsic:
Enclosed within this email are two specetacular screen shots of the battle of Trinsic. These two pictures tells the tail of the epic struggle to defend Trinsic from the undead hordes and the valant sacrifices that was made. I have larger pictures of those same screen shots.

"Judgement day was upon us as battle lines are drawn. As the citizens of Trinsic flee for their lives, the few remaining handfuls of brave warriors and defenders stand shoulder to shoulder in a common cause during this dark hour."

"The scent of blood and the screams of the dying are nearly overwhelming. Hundreds of bodies from both sides carpet the road towards Trinsic as we desperately fight for our homes and family."

A detailed account of the battle at Trinsic with Juo'nar's army of undead came from Zeus:
As word went out that Trinsic was to be attacked by a massive army of the undead, and that Lord British and his army would not be able to protect the city, warriors from across the land began to pour in. As I stood there, swarms of warriors and mages gathered near the west gate, creating lines of two or three deep. The mood was a somber one, for all knew that Juo'nar would come with his evil minions. And when he did, there would be screams heard around the world. So we waited, and waited, and waited. What was this? Could the information provided by the BNN be false? Was this a ruse by Juo'nar to gather Britannia's finest in Trinsic only to attack another city? Maybe Britain itself? Small waves of undead appeared around the city every hour or so. Most began to grow impatient and rowdy. Others decided it was a false alarm and left for their homes. Still hundreds remained. Then there was a cry from outside the gates. The evil army was upon us. From my perch atop the center of the city gate, I could see the masses of swarming undead below. I cried out to my fellow Britannians to be brave. The fate of Trinsic, if not all the lands, was in our hands. And then he appeared, like a storm in the middle of a swarming sea. It was Juo'nar. I watched as warriors attacked him directly, only to be destroyed with a few waves of his undead hand. A single warrior battled him, and as I decided to join the battle, teleporting down from my safety, I watched this warrior fall, not with a cry, but with a smile, for he had done his part to help save Trinsic. I will not boast of my battles, for in the end, I, as well as many others, fell to this tide of evil. Juo'nar had fled, as I tried in vain to follow him, only to be blocked by a wall of skeletons and liches. In the end, the protectors of Trinsic were victorious, and we tended to our dead and wounded. The whereabouts of Juo'nar are unknown, and I am sure he will return, only more powerful and with a larger army. This evil will not rest until we all, even the ones we deem amongst us to be unsavory and vile, stand and fight this greater evil, which may well overrun us.

Zeus, Gladiator Of The Gods, Order Of The Silver Chalice
Thanks to all other Britannians who sent sketches of the battle. I will endeavour to look at them all and post some in a later update.
Posted on Friday, February 11, 2000, 4:48 PM EST by Lady Juffa Archui (Pacific)