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Pet Handling: Stabling

The number of pets a character can stable is be based on the skill levels of Taming, Veterinary and Animal Lore.

  • Any character can stable 2 pets, regardless of skill levels.
  • between 160 and 199.9 points total, 3 pets may be stabled.
  • between 200 and 239.9 points total, 4 pets may be stabled.
  • at or above 240 points total, 5 pets may be stabled.

In addition to that, bonus stable slots are granted for skill levels in Taming, Animal Lore and Veterinary at 100.0, 110.0 and 120.0. The maximum possible number of stable slots per character is 14. The total amount of pets that can be stabled is effective for the entire shard, not per stablemaster.

  • If you say "claim [petname]", the stablemaster will give you the pet you specified. This does only work for creatures without any spaces in their name though. Pets with spaces in their names can only be claimed with the claim menu.
  • You can claim all your stabled pets at once by saying "claim", but the stablemaster will only give you as many pets as you have control slots available for.
  • If you say "claim list" you get a list of all the pets you currently have in the stable. You also get this list when the pet name in "claim [petname]" doesn't match any pet you have stabled.

    Stable Menu

  • No matter where you stabled your pet(s), you can claim them from any stablemaster. People who are only friended to pets can not stable or claim them. You receive a message telling you "you don't own this pet" if you try to stable a pet you are friended to.
  • A pet has to be "empty" in order for a stabemaster to accept it. If you try to stable a pack animal with a full pack, the stablemaster will tell you that "you need to unload your pet". [Caution, bug notice! This does not currently apply!!! You can stable loaded pack animals, but it is considered an exploit and action will be taken against your account if you stable pack animals with items on them.]
  • Pets that are fighting may not be stabled. You will get a message that "your pet seems to be busy". You will have to wait until the combat flag wears off before you can stable.
  • You can not stable a bonded pet's ghost. The stablemaster will tell you "Living pets only, please."

The charge is 30 gold each time you stable a pet, but there is no time limit despite what the NPC tells you. Once your pet is stabled, it is safe for an indefinite period of time and will not disappear, unless due to a bug.


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