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Pet Handling: Reactions

Occasionally you will get a message from your pet. Some might be very important, some less - here is a collection of all of them, with an explanation what your pet is trying to tell you:

[petname] looks around desperately
A line-of-sight check failed and the pet's happiness level just dropped. Currently not active but may be reinstated.

[petname] looks somewhat annoyed
Your pet will show this message when it has been told to guard you. Each time a creature or player gets too close within a certain range, this message will show.

[petname] seems nervous and irritable
This message replaced the old "[petname] seems to have decided it is better off without a master". You can see both messages if you keep your journal open. When you see this message, the pet has gone wild and has no loyalty to it's former master.

Your pet does not seem to be interested in making new friends right now
The attempt at "friending" your pet to someone failed because your control of your pet is not high enough. Also used for "invalid" friending targets (for example NPCs).

The pet refuses to be transferred because it will not obey [name]
The person you tried transferring your pet to failed the skill check for a successful transfer.

The pet refuses to be transferred because it does not trust you
You failed the skill check for a successful transfer of the pet.

Your pet refuses to follow that person
The command to follow the target failed.

That wasn't even challenging
Pretty obvious - there was no challenge in taming this creature. Either you have tamed it before (in this case you will always get this message) or it's skill requirement is far below your current taming level. If you haven't tamed a creature yourself previously, the occurrance of this message is random, but it will appear more often the higher your skill is. You will not gain skill from taming the type of creature that gives you this message. It scrolls off the game screen very quickly, so you will most likely only see in your open journal.

The animal has been distracted and you cannot continue taming
You lost line-of-sight of a creature you are trying to tame. Your taming attempt has been aborted.

The animal is too angry to continue taming
The creature received damage of some sort and your taming attempt was disrupted.

This animal has had too many owners and is too upset for you to tame
The taming difficulty of a previously tamed pet exceeds your current skill level or it has already had 5 owners and can not be tamed again.

You seem to anger the beast
This message informs you of a failed taming attempt. It's an added step of difficulty in taming a high-level creature and appears randomly before you can actually start a taming attempt. Examples are dragons, white wyrms, nightmares, swamp dragons and fire steeds.

You must subdue this creature before you can tame it
You get this message when you are trying to tame a creature that requires subjugation (currently the giant beetle and giant ice worm) before it has been "beaten into subjugation". (see below)

The creature has been beaten into subjugation
The creature that requires subjugation (currently the giant beetle and giant ice worm) has been beaten to near-death and you can now attempt taming it.

You have no chance of taming this creature
You don't have the minimum skill required to attempt taming this creature.

You can't tame that
This creature is not tamable.

You cannot tame player creatures
This (usually tamable) creature belongs to a dynamic spawn and is not tamable.

That creature can only be tamed by males/females
Pretty straightforward: you are of the wrong gender and can not tame this creature.

Your pet has bonded with you
Your pet has the special status now which allows it to recall with you and to be resurrected.

The spirits of the dead are not the province of animal lore
This message appears when you attempt to use animal lore on a pet ghost.


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