Pe Ell's First Day

Pe Ell completed basic training as of yesterday.  Today he went out in search of trouble, of which he found plenty.  He was outfitted by some fine GM crafted leather armor of which the grandmaster tailor had kept her mark off the armor, considering who would be wearing it.  His weapons (two war forks) and shields (two bucklers) were crafted by a grandmaster smith who also kept his mark from them.  With just his weapons, armor, and a few bandages Pe Ell set out in search of his first victim.  Unfortunately, Zeus was nowhere to be found.  So Pe Ell wandered.  He went past the two-story house across the swamp where he'd had a run-in with someone bent on killing him back in his training days.  Nobody was home, so he wandered up by the desert.  There he found buildings owned by the guild Zeus is now in (since X was disbanded).  No Zeus, but there were a couple of his guildmates.  Close enough, Pe Ell figured.  Two people were sparring on the roof of a sandstone patio owned by the guild.  Pe Ell stealthed in and went up to the roof without notice.  Now what makes this rather unusual was that he had to open the door to get in.  Some people are so daft.  Go figure.  Up on the roof Pe Ell waited near his intended victim.  He was down near half health, and the other person stepped back to allow him to heal.  That's when Pe Ell chose his moment to strike.  One hit, two hits, and the guy's health was barely showing.  Pe Ell's third swing missed and he was banned by the other guy.

Outside the house Pe Ell hid and stealthed away.  He came back by the two-story by the swamp and found that someone was home this time.  Dead creatures from the swamp were strewn about the inside and a female fighter was there inside.  Realizing that she was leading creatures in, Pe Ell needed only to wait by the door until she led the next batch in.  This time she led in a giant serpent.  Pe Ell followed the large snake inside.  She fought the serpent for a bit and being both poisoned and wounded she banned it.  She went to curing herself with a spell....Pe Ell struck.  He hit her repeatedly but was banned just one hit short of killing her.  This time he was quite irritated that neither of his two attacks resulted in his victim being poisoned, for their death would have been assured then.  It hit him....he'd failed to report to Victor to have his weapons poisoned!  Some assassin he was!

Back at Roadside, Pe Ell had deadly poison applied to his weapons by Victor, the Master Poisoner (Assassin, but it's not an appropriate title).  Now Pe Ell was ready.

Pe Ell crept along the road and came upon a guy (grey) attacking a couple of newbies.  The newbies were suffering severe damage (and fatality) from the killer's halberd (who wasn't taking much if any damage himself).  Pe Ell struck from beside him.  By the time the guy thought to run the poison was already coursing through his blood.  Pe Ell kept pace with him, striking again and again until he was dead.

The would-be murderer entered a tower and was rezzed by the same person that rezzed the dead newbie.  The two newbies stood outside complaining that he had now rezzed the person who was trying to kill them!  The owner of the tower replied that he was his neighbor.  Pe Ell stood a few paces away listening to the exchange.  The newbies soon found themselves being attacked once again.  Pe Ell struck from his hidden location and this time the guy ran, but Pe Ell realized he was running for his log cabin next door and intercepted him at the entrance, blocking him from entering.  Again, the killer was felled.  Again, Pe Ell collected his weapons.  To make a long story short, this occurred yet one more time, though the killer wizened up a bit a brought along a poisoned katana.  Too bad that the poison was too weak to be much threat to Pe Ell who killed him once again.

Tired of this game Pe Ell continued back down the road.  After a conversation with someone out looking for gypsy chests to pick, he came upon some reds hunting for victims along the road.  Two reds and a blue assisting them in fact.  Pe Ell stayed near them, moving silently hidden all the while.  There was a lull in travelers and one of the reds grew bored and attacked a giant serpent.  Pe Ell followed her as she left her companions to deal with the serpent.

Pe Ell crept up beside her and once she had suffered sufficient damage from the serpent, he struck.  Her corpse soon lay on the ground.

Pe Ell hid and stealthed off as her friends came to her aid.  Despite an exhaustive search, they failed to find the assassin.  So while they were split up again in searching and one paused, Pe Ell crept up beside her (it was Cybil, the one he had killed) and told her not to give up, that they just may find him yet!  Then he was gone again.

The reds soon tired of the game and left, leaving behind their blue companion.  Pe Ell followed him along the road where he stopped.  Pe Ell crept up beside him and bid him a good evening.  The guy ran as though the devil himself had just presented himself.

Back down near the guard tower Pe Ell saw someone named "outcast" standing on the porch of a vendor shop perusing their wares.  Pe Ell stood in front of the steps where outcast walked into him on his way out.  Pe Ell then moved.  outcast began searching, first by moving around, then by casting reveal in multiple locations.  Not an ignorant fellow - he knew he was looking for a stealther.  He quickly gave up and headed down the road.  Pe Ell followed, then ran up and told him it isn't very easy.  The gentleman replied that he did realize that.  Pe Ell and outcast stood on the road for some while when two people (Genesis Rage and Lioness Heart) came along and suddenly attacked them both.  First Genesis Rage attacked outcast, then Lioness Heart attacked Pe Ell.  Both were mages.  Pe Ell said, "I don't think they like us.", then charged at Lioness Heart.  He struck her twice, wounding her and infusing her blood with deadly poison.  She ran and Pe Ell followed.  She was able to keep ahead on her horse, but not by much.  She could nay afford to stop else Pe Ell would be upon her.  The poison ended her life.

As Pe Ell grabbed a pouch from Lioness Heart's corpse, Genesis Rage arrived.   Seeing Pe Ell and Lioness Heart's corpse he paused to consider, but Pe Ell was already charging at him.  He attempted momentarily to put up a fight, and managed to paralyze Pe Ell before he could get close.  As Genesis Rage meditated to regain mana, Pe Ell thought about the pouch he'd just picked up from Lioness Heart.  Just maybe....Pe Ell opened the pouch and there was a reverberating boom as Pe Ell was freed from his paralysis.  Pe Ell immediately charged at Genesis Rage who attempted to flee.  He failed to make it far.

Pe Ell met back up with outcast (who himself had recalled away) who was surprised at Pe Ell's triumph.  Pe Ell and outcast relaxed at outcast's nearby small tower for a bit where Pe Ell was friended to the house and they talked of battle, stealthing, and the more simple pleasures of craftsmanship.