The Truth About Armor - Dex Loss
by Panthera Pardus of Pacific
Grandmaster Blacksmith / Merchant

Following is a table showing the dex loss for various pieces of armor. Any pieces not listed give no dexterity penalties.
There are no dexterity penalties from any leather or studded armors.
There are no meditation or stealthing penalties from any leather armors.

 Armor Type  Dex Loss
 Ring Tunic  -2 Dex
 Ring Leggings  -1 Dex
 Ring Sleeves  -1 Dex
 Ring Gloves  -1 Dex
 Chain Tunic  -5 Dex
 Chain Leggings  -3 Dex
 Plate Chest  -8 Dex
 Female Plate  -5 Dex
 Plate Legs  -6 Dex
 Plate Arms  -2 Dex
 Plate Gorget  -1 Dex
 Plate Gloves  -2 Dex
 Plate Helm  -1 Dex
 Other Helms / Helmet  No Loss
 Bone Chest  -6 Dex
 Bone Legs  -4 Dex
 Bone Arms  -2 Dex

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